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February 04 2018


it’s so interesting watching ppl go from tumblr to twitter and act like it’s some sort of accomplishment? like both websites are cesspools so i’m confused on how being on twitter is like…an upgrade?

January 31 2018

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The nicest angel you have

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Kedi (2016) 

January 30 2018

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quick doodle of adara, my half-drow cleric who’s barely grown into her ears

not gonna lie making dnd characters is actually really fun even if I have nowhere to use em

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cats cats and more cats

January 29 2018

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dark internet show me the forbidden Reggie Fils-Aimé highschool pictures


But what did he say

nothing that mere mortals can comprehend 


here’s how big time rush can still win

January 28 2018

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Transparent Cam Buckland that I drew while watching High rollers

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its honestly so got dam funny that nobody can tell if its real or not because of how its fucking gumball

you can lead a horse to water




you can leave your horse behind

but your horse can’t dance and if he can’t dance

Well, he’s no horse of mine

January 27 2018

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“Clean” by Woshibai





not gonna lie if you are like me and suck at coming up with poses using vintage sewing patterns for inspirations is so helpful for interesting poses that still display the character in a seeable way here are some examples of my favorites 

because they are literally drawn in a way to show off their outfit but still be interesting and not boring 

some more examples incase the ones above weren’t convincing enough on how much this is a lifesaver especially if you want find interesting poses of people interacting with each other

I mean if you think about it they are drawn in poses that usually Models in magazines do. And those poses are meant to be interesting and draw the viewer in for a closer look bust still be refreshing and easy on the eyes

I use pintrest to find these I have a board that i’m constantly adding to though while its currently small as I make this post you can use it as a starting off point if you want to

what do you type in the search i would love to check it myself.

i’ve always have interest with those kind of styles with a bit of a modern yet modest type.

just google vintage sewing pattern illustration



ellen degeneres is turning 60 years old this week and i’m not sure how to process that information like…. i never knew how old she was and i never really thought about that fact that she has an age…. i feel like she just exists on this planet as an ageless entity


what the hell???



last time i had sleep paralysis that kid Wen from lemonade mouth stood at the end of my bed and did the rap to Determinate for like 3 hours straight and i haven’t slept peacefully since

I tried to warn y’all

January 26 2018


“Hey, what are you drawing? Can I see i–”

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