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October 23 2017

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‘stars’ by roberta bell, 1967

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city of lights 

(commission by project coti) - if you like comics and manga please check out their facebook  (*≧∀≦*)

takes a screen shot from the hr donations on shitty camera vod as I think about how cute a modern hr doodle this can be

I’m watching today’s hr and all I’m saying is I’ve warmed up to raymond a bit especially now but honestly part of that is imagining he looks a bit more like tom than he does because his actual look makes me feel like he’d annoy me

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Neo Geo Pocket color vibe

October 06 2017

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its weird that your body the your neck down can only use 1 of your senses whereas your head can use all 5.

That’s not true. You forget that your feet smell

shut the fuck up chongo

now loading... dog...


straight culture is that trope in dog movies where the male owner has a crush on a girl and the girl has a female dog that the male owner’s male dog has a crush on

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my friends @me 

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what the FUCK is this supposed to say 

This is the new imagine touch the sky

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October 05 2017

List of resources for dnd











roll20: Make an account to play the game

Orcpub: For hosting and editing your character sheet

DND Wiki: Homebrew things, races, classes, misc

Players Handbook: Rules how to play how to make a character, all basic information for playing a game

Discord: to talk during and about the game

Mythweavers: another character sheet editor

Homebrewery: homebrew creation tool. Uses basic coding language to great effect.

If anyone wants to join just join the discord server and post your character


can randomly generate just about ANYTHING. awesome for dms

Tabletop Audio: background music and sound effects for the ambience.

PCGen - a character creation program that handles all the tricky and tedious parts of building characters, including NPCs.

d20pfsrd.com - all the free information you would ever need to play Pathfinder, an alternative to D&D

DiceCloud: Interactive character sheet that can be edit and shared with yourself or others easily. Pulled up anywhere with internet connection on PC, Mac, or mobile device. Use it to also mark down health, death saving throws, spell slots, experience, and more on the fly. 

DnDMagic: List all spells currently available from Player’s Handbook and Elemental Evil. 

5th Edition Spellbook app: Make spellbooks for all your characters, manage spells, prepare spells. Keep track of Spell Save DC, and Spell Attack bonus on your mobile device. 

Squire - Another character creation and management app. Contains most of the basic info and spells already, with options to create spells, items, classes/subclasses, etc. This is the free version, but pro has more options for DMs, including initiative order control.

RPG Generator - An app that randomly generates things from NPC appearances to criminal gangs. It’s free and a great on the fly DM tool.

good hr things: whenever they fight an enemy who knows them (whether or not they’re trying to kill em) they decide it’s stronger to go after their main enemy on the team’s friends rather than them

aesthetic: cam trying to start a revolution

October 04 2017

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My mom sent me photos of my great-great grandmother. I asked “wasn’t this when women were only allowed to wear dresses?” And my mom said “she did whatever she wanted to do. She was wild”

Love it

Care free black girl at its finest 👏🏾👏🏾❤️

The first photos is the 1940s. The second the 1960s-1970s


me when i was 12: ‘power of friendship’ stories are so lame and cliche like who cares its just a dumb plot device it’d never work :/

me now: My Love For My Friends Could Topple Cities. It Could Fell Empires. It Could Kill the Gods Themselves But It Won’t Because Then We’d Have Nowhere To Hang Out



Took a nap and had a dream that I’d gotten a hyperrealistic tattoo of a Band Aid, just so that I could cover it with a real Band Aid.

When people would ask what happened, I’d say, “It’s kind of weird. Are you sure you wanna’ see?” and then I’d dramatically rip the Band Aid off to reveal my tattoo of a Band Aid.

Classic Astral Plane Me.

Don’t tempt me like this.


Complain all you want, but you damn well know we need Ultra Sun/Moon to finally uncover one of the greatest mysteries-

Who is the Masked Royal?

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