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July 04 2017

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You eat more sweets when you’re sad because your emotional state alters your perception of taste. Foods that aren’t your favorite taste worse when you’re upset and are therefore less desirable. The need for comfort food is really your subconscious wanting what won’t be ruined by your temporary sorrow. Source Source 2

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hell yeah I’m LGBT

Listening to Africa, by Toto

Groovin out to Africa, by Toto

Blessing the rains in Africa, by Toto


July 03 2017

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Chris Christie and family photographed relaxing on beach he closed to the public in state shutdown

  • On Sunday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was photographed enjoying a day with family and friends at his home in Island Beach State Park.
  • The beach is one of several of the state’s government-run beaches Christie closed amid an ongoing budget standoff in Trenton.
  • Aerial images captured by New Jersey newspaper the Star-Ledger show the governor sunning himself in a sand chair in the middle of the deserted beach. Read more (7/3/17)

If yall want to keep beaches clean of trash, start by getting his ass out of office

Hi- New Jerseyan here! Everything in our state right now that is state run is closed. The Motor Vehicle Commission, State Parks (like the Monmouth Battlefield), etc. I had to get my license renewed today but nope, it was closed. Even inspection stations for trucks on the parkway are closed. Only the police, EMS and firefighters are still active. He basically got rid of 80% of July 4th activities in this state. My friends and I are going to Asbury Park for fireworks and the beach, but it is going to be like a sardine can. (He also just also passed the bill to allow fireworks to be sold legally in our state.)

This man is a madhouse. And thank god I can finally fucking vote.

the man knows he’s a national embarrassment and that he’ll never get elected for a public office ever again. this is yet another “fuck you” to NJ residents since he doesn’t give a damn about us anymore.

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Sketches of Summer

The first ever book collection of Incidental Comics was published this summer! The Shape of Ideas is available internationally wherever books are sold. You can order it online here: http://www.abramsbooks.com/shapeofideas



summer aesthetic:

1 and a half meals a day

being up too late


an awkward feeling of emptyness after the stress of exams


I fucking hate how true this is

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shoutout to all the people who took time in decorating trump’s hollywood star the way it should be 

and yes, i said decorating not vandalizing….. this shit right here is ART 

July 02 2017

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July 01 2017

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July 1st.

182nd day of the year.

It’s 12pm.

Congratulations you’ve officially wasted half a year.

I finally understand what blink-182 means.

June 30 2017

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Sinnoh: Celebrating non-binary folk since 2006.

Actually she’s teaching the player about Pokémon genders. How Pokémon like magnamite have no gender. That’s actually what she’s talking about.

Sinnoh: Celebrating non-binary people and Pokémon since 2006.

@xephos gotta project fast !!! nah but seriously you’re right. I’m just. hecka indecisive 

I need

a new icon

hr uncharted territory seems p cool p fun. I like all the characters but not in the same fifty episodes of emotional attachment sorta way I do with the regular crew at least not yet which is a given. they all seem to be history nerds tho and this campaign will have dinosaurs so I bet this’ll be real good too

June 29 2017


friendly reminder on the anniversary of Stonewall that we wouldn’t be where we are without trans women of color

since it’s pride month here’s some hr lgbt headcanons that I have but never wrote out. they’re just my ideas btw (except the canon ones of course)

I wrote this out earlier in the month and never posted it but hey the month isn’t over

<!-- more -->

main cast first 

-cam I believe is supposed to be canon pansexual so he is pan for me. also he’s a trans boy and I’ve stuck with that since day one tbh
-elora is bisexual but like mostly prefers girls 
-trell is also bisexual 
-jiutou I believe is supposed to be canon ace and possibly aro as well but it also may be because the age thing and her personality it’s not really specified so I usually think ace lesbian for her but will change if kim outright says otherwise 

 now npcs/guests 

-cassandra is pan 
-mirela was bi but she’s also dead now soo 
-nalistri the awkward straight one tho his sister is a lesbian 
-payla and shalana are obviously canon lesbians just wanted to write that because nice (stated outright in canon) 
-also to add mina is canon bisexual which is also nice 
-torwyn will also be a lesbian to round out the autumn spire elves 
-cune and finny are both gay and married 
-what was the name of the unicorn’s patch guy ?? because he’s gay now too I’ve decided 
-vixanis may be dead but not forgotten and also had a crush on amelia back in jail…
-lady amy has no concept of gender or sexuality because she is just a really old dragon and really cool anyways 
-barris is bi but only realized it after meeting cam (he has a huge crush on him but won’t admit it) 
-durmot ?? pan 
-korakk’s friend the orc who lives in the middle of nowhere ?? nb and gay 
-korakk himself ?? ace and bi 
-the real korakk is straight tho 
-grunka is bi 
-siyto is gay and tired 
-all the broken sky high ranks are straight and homophobic 
-same with all the corrupt council members

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Disclaimer: This information is collected through illustrators listed in TCG cards, bulbapedia and observational analysis made by myself, since much of the information regarding official art is not published. So there might be errors.
Ken Sugimori is also still working on both pokemon and human characters for the series, so he is likely behind many designs that are simply illustrated by someone else. He should still not be credited for work he did not do.

Decided to expand on my thoughts about people praising Sugimori for having improved his art over the years. While it’s entirely true that he is much better than he used to, the examples shared in posts like that are 90% of the time not drawn by Sugimori at all.
So let’s stop spreading misinformation as the differences in art style can be easily pointed out.

Now you know! :)

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“Colorism isn’t real.”

Colorism? Wow because the term “racism” is so blase.

pilambdaod Colorism specifically refers to people of their own race valuing lighter skin over darker skin. For example in latina culture, valuing “good” straight hair over “pelo malo” or bad, curly hair.

Racism would imply we’re talking about at least two different races here; colorism specifically is about racist ideals within one race, people of one race policing others appearance within their own race. 

(since this is an indian book, presumably made by indian people for indian children to read, depicting a light skinned indian woman as more beautiful than a dark skinned one, it’s colorism.)

One of those is clearly Caucasian the other Indian.

Creating random new “isms” only makes legitimate grievances seem petty and stupid.

“One of those is clearly Caucasian”


Aishwarya Rai, Kareena Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut 


Karisma Kapoor, Shruti Haasan, Zarine Khan

All actresses/models born in India to parents who were also born in India (or Pakistan), in a narrow view of “race.” 


If a Papua New Guinean hooks up with a Swedish person all you get is a human.  There’s no new thing you’re going to get. You just get a human. 

Bill Nye: Race is a Human Construct (and don’t look at the comments; it’s the usual cesspool of bigots) 

Ideas on “race” have been in slow development over the years, but colourism is a real thing (often with roots in imperialism, especially as Western ideas of beauty began to intrude upon countries). 

The 100 Years of Beauty: Philippines has a jarring jump where April Villanueva (who has light/medium-toned skin) gets her skin darkened for the 1910s-20s aesthetic, then becomes powder-white when US/European colonial interests make a stronger influence on Philippine society in the 1930s (more in the research video). 

Two more examples of skin tone variation between famous women in countries where colourism has become prevalent in celebrity culture (ie, it was a lot harder finding photos of a dark-skinned Korean actress than a light-skinned one): 


Koreans: Song Hye-kyo and Lee Hyori 


Filipinos: Valerie Garica and Nicole Scherzinger (active in the US; Filipino father, Hawaiian/Samoan-Russian mother) 

Variation in skin colour across a “race” is as real as variation in eye colour (”oh, you have brown eyes? I guess you’re not a real Caucasian”). 

Colourism also pervades a lot of modern beauty marketing. 


What’s underneath your dark skin? A prettier, lighter version of yourself! Everyone should strive to be more fair and lovely because only then you’ll be happy with your flesh prison!! 

tl;dr colourism exists and isn’t some bogeyman made up by “”es jay double-ews,”” and if you’re the person bemoaning how it “delegitimizes racism” then it’s likely you actually don’t care about racism at all and are just trying to devalue the arguments with the classic “but so-and-so people have it worse! how could you be so self-centered and selfish??” 

Also “colorism” was coined by Alice Walker in 1982. This is not some new internet fad.


your inability to learn complicated handshakes is tearing this gang apart

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